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Monroe [sitting in a classroom lecture seat next to a very large male student, thought bubble]: Uh-oh...this guy sitting next to me is on the football team. I'll ber he's sick of all the bad publicity!     Monroe [thought bubble]: I should strike up a nice conversation with him -- but not about football! I'll bet he likes music. Yeah!     Monroe: you collect records?     Football player [looking angry and holding up his right index finger]: No...we just have this one. Why?!    

[Northwestern football lost to Michigan State 61-14 on 11/7/1981. Northwestern stopped its losing streak at 34 games on 9/25/1982 with a win over Northern Illinois University.

Music was sold on 45 RPM and 33 1/3 RPM "records" at this time. The audio Compact Disc (CD) wasn't introduced until 10/1982 in Japan and early 1983 in the US.]

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