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Wendy [sitting at a desk, answering the telephone]: Telephone Helpline, Wendy speaking...

Caller: Hi, I'm not getting along with my roomate at all!

Caller's roomate [Wendy can hear her in the backround on the phone call]: I hate you! I hate you!
    Wendy: What's wrong with her?

Caller: She's just impossible to live with! She gets burned up over every thing I do!

Caller's roomate: I'll kill you!
    Wendy: I can hear that. Is there any reason she's so upset?

Caller: No good reason I can think of, no...

Caller's roomate: I'm gonna murder you!
    Caller: See, by accident I told her mom about her drug habit and live-in boyfriend and she just...

Wendy: Hold it -- I think I got it now.

Caller's roomate: I'm getting a knife!

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