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Professor [lecturing off-strip]: ...heart muscle is striated, uninucle...nder voluntary control the first outer...layer called the myocardium provides the force for pumping the blood to the pulmonary as well as the systemic ves...     Professor [lecturing off-strip]: ...the inner layer is called the endocap...simplesquamousepithelian cells phase two we have atrialdiastole...ventricular systole closed cuspidvalve...and last but not least open semilunaryval...     Professor [lecturing off-strip]: addition to which the bicuspid valves...yes? Do you have a question?

Monroe [holding up his hand and sweating profusely]: Yeah...huff long does the average male heart live?
    Professor [off-strip]: Oh, it's up to about 73 years.

Monroe [shouting]: Then why the hell do you have to go so fast?!!

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