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[Mimi holding TV remote control, turns the TV on]

TV news reporter: Our top story tonight is a tragic one: twenty construction workers, completing a bridge in Montana, drowned when the bridge collapsed today.
    Mimi [looking at her hand]: Oh no! I broke my nail!

TV news reporter: The bridge, which would have connected this small town to the nearest hospital, was nearing completion this week.
    Mimi: Oh my God! I've been working on this nail for a month!

TV news reporter: Twenty families left fatherless, twenty wives left widows. Governor Bill Thack was near tears today:
    Governor Thack: "You work with all your effort to achieve something truly important", said Thack, "but with one crack, all that is wiped out."

Mimi [thinking about her broken fingernail]: That's it! Exactly!

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