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Mimi [lying on her bed, answering her fancy telephone]: Hello?

Caller: Hello, Mimi? This is Fred...we met at an exchange last week. I was wondering if you'd like to go to the Ball with me?
    Mimi [excitedly]: Fred? From Beta Upsilon Delta? I'm so glad you called!

Caller: You are? We just talked for a minute -- I was near the potato chips...
    Mimi [excitedly]: Sure, I remember you! You're six-foot two, 185 punds, blonde hair, blue eyes...

Caller:, that's Frank. I'm uh...five-foot five, 190 pounds...
    Mimi [mechanically]: Oh. Well, this has been a recording, anyway. Please leave your message at the beep. Thank you.    

"The Ball" is most likely the "A&O Ball", put on by the Activities & Organizations student group.

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