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Girl [standing in line in the cafeteria]: ...well, like, I'm not sure what subjects I'll be taking, or anything, but, like, I won't take any Mickey Mouse courses, I'll tell you that much...

[Banderooge in front of girl with his tray of food]
    Girl: I wanted to have a meaningful summer, y'know? So I found out all the books I'd need this year, and I read them all. They're so deep!     So now, like, I'm ahead of the whole school! And my dad said he'd buy me a car if I got all A's! And since I graduated 3rd in my class, I...     [Banderooge is so annoyed that he flips his tray over his head onto the girl, which makes a sound: JAP!]    

JAP = Jewish American Princess, a stereotype of a smart, spoiled, obnoxious girl of Jewish descent.

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